Photo Restoration

I can provide basic restorations to photographs with minor to moderate damage, scratches, blemishes, tears, improvement to discolouration within the photo, tattoo removal and unwanted background images. I can also add colour to black and white photo’s. I will always be honest with you if I think that repairing damage to a photo is beyond my capabilities, but please do not hesitate to email me a scanned copy of your photo (minimum of 300 dpi) and I will assess the damage and level of work needed to repair it.
If you are unable to scan your photograph’s and live locally, I can arrange to collect them. I will then scan and return them to you before assessing and working on them. Once I have completed the work, I can provide you with a jpeg or pdf format which I can email to you, or I can print a copy on to photograph quality paper. Please be advised, that depending on the quality and size of the original photograph, will have an effect on how big a copy can be produced from that image. If you have several images to be scanned/repaired, I can download them on to a CD at a cost of £5.
I can scan up to a maximum of A3. Anything slightly larger than A3, will need to be digitally photographed, but this will assessed on an individual basis for each image and I will let you know if it’s possible for me to do. Quotes for all work to be carried out, including request for prints, CD’s etc, will be provided to you prior to any work being carried out and on your approval, I will start the work.
All payments need to be made in full by cheque and once the payment has cleared, I will arrange the delivery of your completed work. Sorry, but payments by card cannot be accepted at this time.
I look forward to hearing from you.

  • L001Before – The Moore Family – 1871/1872.

    Commission for a Family Ancestry Book
  • L002After - Removed tears and creases across the photo, adjusted the colour quality, removed names that were hand written on each individual and removed numerous blemishes across the photo. Commission for a Family Ancestry Book.
  • L001Before – Minor blemishes within the clothing were repaired and the overall photo was altered slightly to show more contrast.
  • L002After - The floor and some of the crevices in the gate behind them had leaves edited out and then colour added.
  • L001Before - There were minor scratches on the original which were retouched.
  • L002After - Wallpaper was added to the background and then colour added.
  • L001

    Before - Scratches, creases and blemishes across the photo were retouched and edges cropped.

  • L002

    After - Colour added to complete the photograph.

  • L001

    Before – There were quite a lot of creases in this photo and a corner completely missing.L001

  • L002

    After – A black & white image was created, by retouching and repairing the creases and tears. The missing corner was painted in by using parts of the image that is actually there on the photo and a bit of imagination as to what might have been there! Finally, the edges were cropped and straightened.
    I was asked to repair this photo for a family friend and I produced a colour version and had it printed onto a canvas as a birthday present which is now hanging on his wall.

  • L001Original photograph including
    creases and general wear and tear
  • L002After photo restoration process.
    Creases gone, blemishes retouched
    and corners straightened
  • L001Original photograph including
    creases, tears and severe deterioration
    of the edges
  • L002After photo restoration process.
    Creases gone, blemishes retouched and edges restored (without white border).
  • L001

    Before – The framed photo had been dropped, smashing the glass. Being so old, the photo had stuck to the glass and couldn’t be separated.

  • L002

    After - I photographed the image and edited out the smashed glass and blemishes and cropped the edges.