The Artist

My name is Dawn Hales.

I have always enjoyed drawing from a young age and everything I have learnt has been self taught and with each drawing that I complete, I learn a little more.

It was in 1992 that my hobby took a different direction. I found that I was spending too many hours at work and by the time I got home, getting out the pen and pad was a bit of a task. So, to ensure that at least one night a week I would finish work early, I enrolled in evening classes at my old school. It was here that I learnt to draw with a mapping pen and ink, but frustrated with blobs of ink from an overloaded pen ruining picture after picture, I bought a technical drawing pen. The pen I use is .13mm which is extremely fine. I use this for architectural drawings which need fine lines and detail, and sometimes for animals using a stippling (dot) effect which is gradually built up to produce a realistic drawing.

Shortly after the evening classes finished, I was commissioned by the company I worked for at the time to draw various construction projects they had built, which were then printed and produced as Christmas cards. I then started to get commissions from family and friends which ranged from pictures of pets to favourite landscapes and buildings. I have recently started to produce portraits in pencil and Corel Painter 11, to inject some colour into my work.

I always work from photographs and if I don’t take the photo myself, my only request is for as clear a picture as possible, preferably a good quality digital photograph. Sending a selection of photos would be appreciated, allowing me to select the best picture to draw from and before proceeding with the portrait I will contact you for approval.

For commissions I would give you an estimate of the price, depending on the medium used and the complexity of the picture. The finished work would be delivered to you unframed and all photographs returned. So, if you would like totreat yourself or give someone special a unique gift, please contact me on the email address shown in the order section.